No electronic shutter on EM1?

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Re: No electronic shutter on EM1?

Fredrik Glckner wrote:

Big Ga wrote:

So do we know WHY ?

Could be they decided that the electronic shutter just has too much negative artefacts to be useful. The G5, GH3, G6 electronic shutter exposes the frame over a period of 1/10s, generating some strange effects.

Nikon appear to have implemented the feature better with their 1-series of cameras. The latest models have 14MP, and I've never seen anything very negative about the rolling shutter artefacts.

Given that the Nikon 1 V2 camera can shoot 60 FPS at 14MP with the electronic shutter, one could guess that their E-shutter reads the frame over a period of 1/60s (or faster), six times faster than the GH3.

Aptina did a good job with the sensors, 10 mpix one reads at 1/60s per frame, 14 mpix one at 1/80s. Much more useful than 1/10s, but still not quite fast enough to fully get rid of mechanical shutter in good cameras (although in the J and S they got read of it - great cost, weight and power savings).

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