Ken Rockwell again: "Canon 5DIII/6D are better/far ahead of Nikon D600/D800"

Started Sep 16, 2013 | Discussions thread
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He woke up on the wrong side?

cosmerodrigues wrote:

In the future I really would like to invest my hard earned money in a D600 with 51AF points and no oil or dust on the sensor...should I?

I was really surprised when I read that outburst. What about the rant on the lenses - is it a bad thing that you can use DX lenses on Nikon FF? I could understand an argument that he likes Canon colors better, after all, that is individual preference, but exactly what are his arguments why he finds Canon bodies far superior? When he talks about the pro sports and PJ bodies - what does he shot that makes him a qualified expert?

Maybe he feel he has milked the Nikon audience long enough, gets fewer hits on his side and wants to try the Canon audience.

I dont put down the Canon FFs, they - just like the Nikon FFs - are superb cameras. Pretending there is a huge difference is just silly IMO.

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