Colors change after opening image in PS

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Re: Colors change after opening image in PS

Mark K W wrote:

greko2009 wrote:

I just installed the trial version of CS6 , same problem.

Also opened the same file in IrfanView. Which one should I believe is the one my camera recorded?

This is driving me crazy.

Hmmm, now looks like you have gone back to sRGB and 8-bit in PS, so it will be different from the RAW. Trying with CS6/ACR7 now (instead of CS5/ACR6) should have proved there is no corruption between your ACR and PS set-ups per-se, but you have set up for 8-bit sRGB, I think that alone would explain the differences between the unconverted RAW you show in ACR and the converted version you show in PS.

You are then now comparing using two RAW convertors also (one in ACR and one in IrfanView). What comes from the camera sensor (the RAW data) has no color-space and any other image attributes until those are set in RAW conversion, and different RAW convertors will give different results. There is no scientific uncalibrated reference rightness to what your camera or anything records and processes. That goes also for the embedded RAW convertor in your camera also; any converted image is just a version processed from the sensor data according to a set of algorithmic parameters. Those algorithms can be in the camera or in any software manufacturer's RAW convertor.

To get the best in an Adobe workflow, you need to use a wide-space (aRGB or ProPhotoRGB) and 16-bit for both PS and ACR. Then use one monitor for any comparisons, and calibrate that to ensure that a correct profile is being loaded by the CMS. That should make ACR and PS look the same (and the profiling exercise will make that as accurate to "real" as it can be). Monitor calibration alone will not fix your "problem" (unless you also have a corrupted profile somewhere). You need to set up PS and ACR to get the best also (I think others have provided you with links to plenty to read on that).

Any time you convert to 8-bits or sRGB or change to a lossy format like JPEG, there will be subtle changes in some ways in the image. If the image is color-rich (which is above is not), then those change can be dramatic. Really saturated hues will tone right down, but you would have been only able to see those on a wide-gamut monitor in the first place.

I agree with Joey - you are going backwards by trying with a random monitor and concluding that that proves it is only a profiling issue. You need to take a step back and understand color-management more and think what it is you are really trying to do. If you want to work in 8-bit sRGB (as you have set-up CS6/ACR7 to do above) and work on generic (uncalibrated) monitors , then that is fair-enough, but do not expect accuracy or consistency across apps as you switch or assign color-spaces & bit-depths, or as you view on different monitors.

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I was trying various color settings and the moment I took the screenshot I was testing the above settings. No matter what I chose the "problem" remained.

Thank you very much for your help and information provided.

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