F1.2-1.6 Can YOU see the difference?

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F1.2-1.6 Can YOU see the difference?

Was the below image shot by a professional? Just kidding...

DXO wrote an article http://www.dxomark.com/index.php/en/Reviews/F-stop-blues that "cast some doubts on the real benefits" of fast glass because "as you go further than f/ 4 – to f /2 and wider, the accrued quantity of light falls marginally onto the sensor." They have evidence to support this theory.

Well some of the folks here on the forum add to this theory saying that there is also an imperceptible difference in the amount of out of focus blur between F 1.2 and 1.6.  I disagreed because my observations were there was a difference but had no evidence. So I took some shots. It is not very scientific because I watching TV and I think because I use auto WB, it colored the image. No matter I did use manual focus, my concern was shallow DOF at the different apertures. Unfortunately DPR does not display animated gifs. so you will have to click on this link to answer the question. http://www.mxphotos.net/dof/lensDOF.gif

Below are the images with exif data.

There is a perceivable difference in out of focus areas when using fstops between F1.2 and F1.6
59.3% 35  votes
The difference between F1.2 and 1.6 in the out of focus area is imperceptible.
18.6% 11  votes
I don't care, I buy slow glass and narrow depth of field is not important to my photography.
22.0% 13  votes
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