No electronic shutter on EM1?

Started Sep 15, 2013 | Discussions thread
Moti Veteran Member • Posts: 8,132
Maybe because Oly didn't think it is necessary?

We have two EM5 cameras that have done over 10,000 photos each and we haven't encountered even one case of shutter shock. OTOH, I have read many threads about the issue so the whole thing is a mystery for me.

Lets not forget that with the EM1 and the pro lenses, Oly is making a huge effort, for the first time to seriously penetrate the Pro market. For those who are not familiar, they have even established a Pro repair service with 3 days turnaround, like Canon and Nikon do. So if they fail this time with IQ issues, that is going to be a big disaster for them.

So one thing is sure. It shutter shock is an issue, I don't think OLY's engineers are that stupid not giving it an answer here so maybe they have found another solution to reduce shutter shock that does not require an electronic shutter. In any case, time will tell.


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