Thom Hogan: "Get fully behind Nikon 1 or drop it."

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Re: Thom Hogan: "Get fully behind Nikon 1 or drop it."

Digetydog wrote:

You don't want dlsr customers moving down to the Nikon 1. They made a huge marketing mistake with the Nikon 1 line.

Nikon should do everything that customers buy something Nikon makes and not something Olympus, Panasonic or Sony makes.

It the only way to keep customers, who are looking at m4/3s, NEX and Fuji X, then Nikon should sacrifice part of their dSLR market to keep those customers.

Many of those how bought dSLRs in the past did so because they wanted flexibility and better image quality compared to the compact cameras at that time. Image quality is now not a big problem anymore.

The Nikon 1 system is more than good enough for many users. Nikon needs to get that message to the customers and Nikon shouldn't be afraid that some customers who buy a Nikon 1 would have bought a Nikon dSLR in the past.

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