Lenses for visiting Ayers rock...

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Re: Lenses for visiting Ayers rock...

I seem to recall that a 28mm lens was fine for getting the whole rock in one shot but that I also used a 40 mm lens to do a stitch from 2 photos. Both lenses were full frame so the equiv in M43 would be 14mm and 20mm.

Of course it depends on where you view from. We did a guided tour at sunrise and could get no closer than the barrier everyone had to stay behind and the above lenses were used from there. I assume the barrier won't have moved but it would be best to get advice from a more recent traveler. Try posting also in the Open Talk forum as you'll reach a wider audience.

The best shots occur when the light (at dawn) is low so I'd be inclined to take the 12mm (f2?) rather than the slower zoom if the rock is important to you. I guess the same would apply in the evening.

Go early as it can get crowded!

Its a great place - have fun & watch out for the flies, mossys & spiders!


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