No electronic shutter on EM1?

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Re: Goodness, gracious me! Don't tell me Panasonic did something right!

Hen3ry wrote:

Big Ga wrote:

Vaughan Williams wrote:

I'm trying to search to find this out, but can't find anything definitive on it.

Is it correct that the EM1 doesn't have a silent, shock free electronic shutter option ??

If not, anyone know why not ? (or for that matter, why the EM5 doesn't have it either, even though the GH3 with apparently the same sensor does ?)

There is no mention of it in the specs or the operating manual, so I think it's pretty safe to assume it doesn't have the extremely useful silent electronic shutter which the recent Panasonic bodies have.


So do we know WHY ?

After all the rubbish about Panasonic's crippled electronics capability looks like the Sonyphiliacs are going to have to admit that Panny can do something right! LOL!

Not at all. If your desire is to reduce shutter shock and its effects on pictures, and not be totally silent when doing incognito or non-annoying type shots, then the first curtain electronic option on NEX actually works better than the full electronic slow scanning shutters in Panasonic cameras.

I;m not actually anti-Sony who do an amzing job and their sensors undoubtedly produce great IQ, but I am sick and tired of the mantra "why didn't Panasonic use the Sony sensor?".

Within the context of this thread, the question to ask is why Panasonic doesn't use Sony's more sensible way of doing a semi-electronic shutter. Far from having to admit that Panasonic can do something right (that Sony can't), if you ask a true Sonyphiliac. They will indeed grant your wish and not tell you Panasonic did something right

One could always ask these types of questions with regard to camera A vs. camera B and vice versa for any cameras A and B on the market so far as none of them actually has every feature you can find.

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