Its official. Oly AF sucks!

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Re: But it didn't

Stacey_K wrote:

Geo Wharton wrote:

suck. Obviously the DPR writer didn't know how to use the camera. I found the E-5 to focus fast and accurately on what ever the focus point is on. When all points are on the camera pick whichever point it sees and can lock on . Using a single, small point, and being able to keep the point where I want it, I have always gotten excellent results, not missed focus.

I've not used an E5 but something a D7000 does is focus tracking. You start with the center focus point but then in CAF 3D mode, if what you have focused on moves off of the center point, the camera moves the focus point to track that object. This isn't that auto mode that picks the focus point, it simply moves to other focus points if the original focused subject moves in the frame. I was shooting my crazy little dog yesterday and trying to keep one focus point on him as he ran around being crazy was almost impossible for me. He would run out of the focus point and the camera would then focus on something else. When I set the tracking mode, this wasn't an issue.

Like I said, never used an E5 so not sure if it does this, predictive CAF etc..

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Canon has their AF servo mode - works extremely well in the 5D3 with more customisation than I care to handle . . . It has 6 Servo scenarios (Cases) for subjects that change direction rapidly, change speed, suddenly move into view, ignore obstacles as you pan/track etc  with adjustable sensitivity for each Case . . . with up to 61 points.  If you stop panning you can see you subject trace across the AF points as the AF tracks it. 
The E-5 in comparison is quite primitive.


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