What is wrong with this picture - Leica X Vario

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Re: What is wrong with this picture - Leica X Vario

Charles Wass wrote:

They have put the actual focal length range around the front element of the lens so there can be no mistake,

Really? so if there re two sets of numbers printed on something you know for a fact that no one will be mistaken as which one is real and which one is not?

just as it is always done by all manufacturers.

like who else apart from the few appeared in peevee's post?

However, most manufacturers, in the case of fixed lens cameras, refer in advertising and elsewhere to the FF equivalent focal lengths for clarity and ease of understanding, because fixed lens cameras have many different sensor sizes and the real focal lengths can be confusing. This aids comparability.

You think anything felt it was necessary for you to state the obvious?

There is no intent to deceive, but on the contrary and attempt at clarity for users.

does s9 fair trading act require intention to deceive?

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