New Forum Split Poll (Per brand opinions)

Started Sep 15, 2013 | Polls thread
amalric Forum Pro • Posts: 10,839
It didn't originate from here...

But from the 1022 Forum who has been bleeding to nothing, after Oly stopped dSLRs.

This is also the reason why they don't care about splitting Oly and Panny, despite the fact that people said no, over and over.

1022 thinks they are the cream of the world, so they would take the EM-1, but not the 'lesser' cameras: it would be below themselves.

I always believed 1041 to be a popular and democratic forum, and would rather have it stay so.


micksh6 wrote:

The poll won't stop people from creating such threads (nothing will, really), but hopefully it will lower activity in these, so redundant threads won't contaminate recent post list for a long time.

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