Wifi tethering using CHDK?

Started Sep 15, 2013 | Discussions thread
JJ Rodin Senior Member • Posts: 1,096
Re: Wifi tethering using CHDK?

First off, do you have a script that you can interject commands into it presently, iow- have a script running to inject commands into second script? (I honestly did not think this was possible, or for that matter to run 2 scripts)

Or have you found a script/api with access to the wifi (in cam or SD card) incoming command stack?

Seems if you have both of these then you have basic components for you students to hack it out!

Also, DSLRs and maybe some P&S have the ability via Canon utility for wired 'remote' control, do they now have it work for wifi cams such as 70D or sx280, etc and via wifi ?

OR buy a Sony specific P&S cam, DL the new Sony/Android api sdk, and have at it that way !

Good Luck

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