Need to get my first DSLR camera

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Need to get my first DSLR camera

Hi All

Have been looking around and reading alot about SLR camera's and decided that I want to get my first DSLR camera and I would like to know your expert opinions

Before I start pls bear in mind it is the first time I speaking/typing about photography and it can be overwhelming - all the terms that is, so I'll try my best to keep it simple. Some terms may be incorrect but I would hope you see the point.

What I will use it for?

I will do general photography if such a thing exist. In other words seeing that I do not know the field I will start by taking photo's of everything ie. my familly and friends (probably mostly), wildlife, birds, anything that makes an interesting photo

I would just like to take very good quality photos which capture that special moment but I'm looking for good quality photos something which by the sounds of it all DSLR camera's can do.

My budget

I'm in South Africa and initially I looked at starting in the 5k range (approx $500) but as i read the specials and combo deals I saw that for something more you can get good deals ie. up till 10k (approx $1000) but I would not want to spend more then $1000 if it is not REALLY worth it and is going to benefit me as a starter

What i looked at initially

My curiosity was trigged by someone's photos on FB. He took it with a Nikon 3100 and those photos looked good - very good so I started looking at the nikon/Canon range. initially i started looking at the 3100/3200 and 5100 but at the moment looking at a deal with a Canon 650D combo. It is selling for 11k ($1100) but I'm not sure if it is worth it spending that amount of money - thats why i'm posting. please tell me. Is this a good camera and worth it if I can afford it or can I do just about everything or take the same quality photo with a camera 2/3k ($200/300) cheaper?

The deal i looked at ( of 11k/$1100) includes this:

650D camera, 18-55mm lens, 55-250mm IS lens, 50mm F1.8 lens

8GB card, 16GB card, photography book

Gorilla pod and Lowerpro water resistant bag

Why i ended up looking at such a "expensive camera for a start is that I read you need to think big when starting to accomodate your lenses which you will buy later. The more expensive camera's like the one I intend to but has build-in motors which makes buying lenses later cheaper then camers who do not have the build-in motors. Once again I need your advise whether this is true or not? If not, then I will look to buy cheaper?

I hope you can help me in making my decision easier. thanks in advance for all the comments

Feel free to ask me aything more

PS: I have not been into a store to get a feel on the camera's but will definitely do that before I swipe to buy for the camera. I just need to get as much as theory from the experts and not go into a store knowing nothing

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