WMDs: From Iraq to Syria and back

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Re: I'm tired of nonsense theories

Chato wrote:


Allochka Emiliana wrote:

Well, it seems Syria is returning the favor now...

"Lebanese daily says 20 trucks crossed into Iraq last week, bearing equipment and material used for manufacturing chemical weapons."




The Syrian regime has begun transferring its chemical weapons to neighboring countries to deceive U.N. inspectors, the anti-Syrian Lebanese daily al-Mustaqbal claimed on Sunday, a day after Russia and the U.S. announced a new agreement aimed at destroying Syria's chemical weapon arsenal.

According to the paper, some 200 Syrian trucks were loaded with chemical-warfare-related equipment and were then sent to Iraq. The paper reported that the trucks arrived in Iraq on Thursday and Friday and were not inspected by border guards as they entered.


Did anyone seriously expect ASSAD to play ball?

Ahhh, it's just a load of bollox.


So now, the new Iraq is building up a chemical arms stash? Can the gullibility on these forums grow any larger?

Sarin gas has a shelf life of AT BEST three years. Usually much shorter. So is Syria also sending it's factories to the new Iraqi government? Syria announced that it has (If I recall) a thousand tons of chemical arms. In other words, by signing the treaty he is going to be placing 1000 tons (or whatever he announced) under International Control.

Earth to paranoid people. Thousands of trucks go back and forth to Iraq and Syria Every Friggen day.


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Maybe but Nightwings and others think that it's the same than when Saddam was shuffling around his WMD inventory (sight unseen from the one or two military satelites that are out there of course...), that's gotta count for something no?

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