My respect for professors has plummetted

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Re: My respect for professors has plummetted

glasswave wrote:

You can blame a lot of things for the soaring cost of education, but the idea that profs have jack up the prices thru' some mafia like scam of speccing their own books, should not really be one of them.

There are some blatant cases of this, but they are rare.  Usually it is just the professor offering the latest in print edition of the books they've always used.

At my University EVERY prospective Business student had to take BUS 1010 which is kind of a philosophy class.  And the book for that class was a selection of classic, public domain writings (Thoreau, Whitman etc) compiled by the head professor of the business school.  He made a cool $40 off every person who even considered majoring in business.   And you couldn't even buy it used, because it wasn't a real book.   That rubbed me the wrong way, for sure.

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