Its official. Oly AF sucks!

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Re: It's what I expected.

bofo777 wrote:

I've always wanted to learn as much as possible about photography so I want you to please explain again your reasoning because it may benefit me if I'm missing something. I shoot a lot with my E-5 and 35-100 and many shots are with a static subject I focus usually on the closest eye and in SAF even at 3 ft or 50 ft my subjects are clear from front of nose and the blur starts to develop just in front the ears....

OK in this example, both people are standing. You may not realize this but people sway around some when they are standing. In the shot you describe, if you are using SAF, as both people sway between when focus is locked and exposure, the blur might start to develop on the far eye instead of just before their ear, or possibly in the other direction and the near side of their face is slightly blurred. This is especially true if you focus and recompose. Besides body sway you have changed the angle and introduced a slight camera to the subject distance change after you locked focus. This is mostly noticeable doing head and shoulders portraits when both people are standing. Sure some of the shots come out perfect but at least my experience trying to use SAF like that was some shots the focus wasn't perfect.

And if you are shooting always at f2 (seems every post I have ever read you stress this), the shots at 3 feet couldn't possibly have this same perfect DOF as at 50ft.

my shots are accurate with a beautiful bokeh background...

Then if your shots are always perfect, you already know everything?

It looks like you are shooting with a 1.8 lens that has such a narrow DOF that when you focus on the front eye of the subject and if the subject moves mm's the nose may be in focus but not the eyes..

Nope. That isn't what I am talking about.

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