The difficult jump to Full Frame - Help me choose the right equipment !

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Yannick KREMPP
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The difficult jump to Full Frame - Help me choose the right equipment !

Hi Folks,

I'm really in need of serious advices here. In short I'm planning to move from APSC to FF, but as many of you I'm torn between the 6D and the 5D Mark III.

Here's the details.
I currently own a 60D with a 17-55 f/2.8 IS USM. This is my dole lens at the moment. This combo was great but I feel my copy could need some adjustements. Plus I'm lacking some range at the telephoto end.

Most of my shooting goes first for my kids and things I ser when I go for a walk. But I also like a few kandscape shots now and then. During my lunch pause I often go for street photography when the weather is OK.

With these constraints, the obvious choice would be a 6D.

Problem is that I also use my device the shoot my son doing Judo, and my elder daughter Aikido. I also need to film her while she's playing the Harp ( you know, that huge thing with cords, very likely to generate Moiré...)

So that would mean 5D Mark III. But isn't it overkill ?

Now whatever body I end up with I'll need lens(es). Will the kit 24-105 be enough to do the job as my 17-55 did? Shall I get a few primes together to complement the setup like a 50 1.4 for filming and a 135 f2 for portrait and indoor sport ?

I also would like not to sell my kidney and the kerp the budget reasonable, so please don't suggest me to buy those mighty 2.8 IS zooms, I won't be able to afford them with the new body.

Thanks all in advance for your advices !

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