My respect for professors has plummetted

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Re: My respect for professors has plummetted

Brian wrote:

My son just started college, going into Mechanical Engineering.

First semester has calculus and physics. Just basic classes. beginning physics and calculus hasn't changed for 100 years or more. I could pull out my text books from 25 years ago and they would be perfectly adequate.

Don't get me wrong, if a professor writes a book that adds something to the field of study or shows new insight, then I can see the professor requiring a new book and making some money on it. But beginning physics and calculus...... give me a break.. We are talking higher education mafia.

How much do you think beginning physics books and calculus books are running these days?

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My daughter's basic Chemistry 1050 book was $180.   Luckily they had a rental option and her  books for other classes were quite cheap.

I think the problem is the publishers, really, though.  You can't really keep using an out of print book as a teacher.  You want your students to be able to find the book easily and new if they desire.   If the professor kept assigning a book that has been out of print for 10 years, eventually the supply of used books will dry up.

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