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Re: Not a fair comparison

joe6pack wrote:

Everhandy wrote:

joe6pack wrote:

While you used the maximum 37.1mm focal length for RX100, the XZ-1 actually extends all the way to 24mm (112mm equivalent). And I suspect XZ-1 can do wider than F2.5 at 19.8mm as well.

Also, the pictures has significant difference in exposure. It just shows that the two cameras have different metering logic.

I think you're missing the point. I did not post the examples to prove the RX100 is a better camera. It is a better camera, a much better camera, there is no dispute there. I wanted to prove that the RX100 is actually capable of producing very good Bokeh as your claim suggested the XZ-1 would surpass the RX100 in that regard. Your assertion was evidently inaccurate.

For the record, Bokeh is actually the quality of the background blur, not the quantity. to say the XZ-1 has more Bokeh is a misuse of the term.

If you did not post the examples to prove that the RX100 is a better camera, then I must be missing the point.
If you allow the cameras to use different exposures and does not maximize the focal length of XZ-1, I don't believe you can draw the kind of conclusion you claimed.

In fact, since I don't know the size of your subject, it is hard to tell whether the effect is practical for portraits. Here is a test shot using life size subject.

I'm really not knocking you or the brilliance of the XZ-1, I still love that camera. I just wanted to point out the fact that the RX100 has equal or better Bokeh as you made the comment that the XZ-1 would have the RX100 bested in that department. Sorry if there was any confusion.

I know we all cherish our cameras, I was a strong advocate of the XZ-1 all along but, there comes a time when we must move on or the best stuff passes us by.

BTW, I love that shot above. Very nice. Maybe I shouldn't be so hasty in selling the XZ-1?

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