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Re: XZ-(1 & 2) vs RX100

Ben O Connor wrote:

In a fight where is Purchase IQ matters

XZ-1 beats 3 RX100 at the same time ! He has a hotshue, enought pocketable (not the smallest, but not the biggest either!) sharp like a katana sword lens... rock bottom prices !!! Sony would have a black eye and runnig away the place !

In a fight where image quality matters

RX100 MIGHT BEAT the XZ-1 but he would not escape. He will stand and fighting till the end of battle ! and would leave the place without a black eye !

RX100 has strong punches as sensor size + wide end shaprness, BUT in tele end and expanding this tele end (by a filter thread etc) XZ-1 keep his guard high. And by having F2.5 at tele end, he keep his head behind his arms !

In a fight where flexibility matters

RX100 would feel like 17 years old soldier in the moddle of II. World War "GOD what the hell I´m doing here !!", while squad leader XZ-2 has his hot shue on his head, optional filter thread, and geared up his flip back monitor with many control dials, and shaking the walley with his loud orders as " GO GO GO !!!" However RX100 II seems like a something better with hotsue...well there are nikon 1 system, not with hotshue, but also with interchagable lens. Well not fitting any pockets but we are in the war of flexibility not compactness !

Well lets get serious

RX100 is has a great built quality. Can not deny that. Its so small and great. But Sony menu really makes the things coplex, while eveything is just a button touch far in Olympus menu. Probably haveing a huge sensor over XZ´s gives greater DOF and also a nice video. But price is still an issue, as long as its over 499 €/$ camera. should be 399€/$/£ level... And while XZ´s are between 299-349, They have better IQ.. And even XZ-1 has 199€ price tag here ! I think it will be a great Xmas gift to a teenager (between 14-19) who really take step in to "photography" to learn things on a great platform and realises that Its about HIM/HER not about the device etc (well sure its also about the gear, but you know what I mean don´t you !)

Enjoy your new cam


That's pretty funny. Thank you.

Do you have the RX100? I do. I have both and several other cameras. The RX100 bests the XZ-1 in every category. There's no comparison, really. And I do love the XZ-1. I've never used the hotshoe on that camera. Never needed to.

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