Fuji IBIS body coming soon?

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Re: Fuji IBIS body coming soon?

Red5TX wrote:

Matz03 wrote:

Red5TX wrote:

Fuji's zooms have excellent built-in stabilization. Primes largely don't need it.

Do you really want to compare m43 lenses to Fuji's stellar line-up? Aside from Oly's excellent 75mm, I can't think of a single m43 lens that's better than what Fuji offers.

no offense, love my x-e1 and lenses but as a former m43 user I can tell you that the panasonic 25mm f.14 is really good, even sharper wide open than the fuji 35mm.

No offense taken. I used to shoot m43 and owned the PL25. My Fuji 35 beats it silly. The PL25 has nice rendering but the Fuji is even better and much sharper.

I would bet significant money that the upcoming Fuji 56 f/1.2 will be substantially better than the Oly 45.

I had actually forgotten about the Oly 60. I never used it but you're right: it is highly regarded.

I agree (No offense taken). Fuji 35 beats PL 25 (with the option of less DOF). At the end, may be the APS-C sensor (in each generation) resolves more resolutions compared to the smaller μ 4/3 sensor.

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