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Re: Prices and Taxes

Bob Meyer wrote:

brianric wrote:

Amazon has to charge a sales tax anyplace where Amazon has a physical presence in the state. New Jersey now gets charges a sales tax because Amazon now has a warehouse in the state. B&H only charges sales tax to New York residences.

But that doesn't change the fact that the price listed on the web site does not include tax, which is what the question was.

And for our European friends: there is no such thing as VAT in the U.S. Most states have sales taxes, but those are applied based on the purchase price, not included in the purchase price.

It's more or less the same kind of tax idea although you guys have yet to reach the heady heights of 20% tax on sales I think!

It's just that EU governments prefer to not do it the way the US does because that way they delude everyone and they 'forget' that they are being taxed! If you went to the store and they added 20% tax to your bill at the checkout, everyone would complain loudly and politicians would have to have less gravy on their trains..

In NZ the tax is 15% and they charge it on everything - no exemptions, so even your groceries at the market get taxed.

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