Blurry images. Need your advice.

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Re: Blurry images. Need your advice.

bkpix wrote:

The images posted here look blurry to me, and if I were the client, I would reject them. You can barely read the product names!

Not clear what the problem is. From the shooting data you offer, they should have been OK. It's true you could have done better with f/4 and ISO 100, but I don't think the difference would be this much.

I disagree with UnexpressiveCanvas that the K20 is not up to a job like this. There are plenty of things it doesn't do as well as a Canikon pro monster, but a shoot like this is hardly one of them.

I'd suggest some patient testing with the camera and lens, first on a tripod, the handheld, shooting some simple targets and making sure you, the camera and the lens all have the situation under control.

Hi BKPix,

I just say that technology changes and we ought to ourselves to keep updating. Auto focus technology has evolved in the last ten years. Sensor resolve has also made some progress, the same way as image processing.

I believe that when you do commercial work "good enough" is not enough.

I am not telling the OP to go and buy a camera. I am just suggesting he should RENT and try a newer/different system. And also he can do some case-controlled simulations to eliminate/or/identify if the error is coming from the photographer or if the problem is the equipment.

I recommend the specific model I did as I have a very good experience with it and I get a very high percentage of images with no focus problems at all.

Again he doesn't have to buy anything. Just try something new so he can have some parameters to compare. I also suggested this as an opportunity to evaluate other aspects of the photography process: image quality, light rendering, focusing speed and accuracy. This may help the OP make some informed decisions down the road based on his own experience and it may help him find the source of the problem.

Now where did you get the idea a Canon 6D is a "pro monster"? is just an entry level full frame camera, which if bought with the 24-105 L kit lens is close to what people paid for the K20D a few years ago. I am not advising him to go and rent/buy a Canon IDx or 1Dc.....\

Finally I believe Jim is asking from C or N users for suggestions.

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