Its official. Oly AF sucks!

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Re: It's what I expected.

Stacey_K wrote:

BigBen08 wrote:

CAF is important to you, I can understand your disappointment.

I've been amazed how ofter I use CAF (and change focus points) now that I have a system that has great CAF (and have some very shallow dof lenses). Maybe my 4/3 system had enough DOF to cover the focusing errors using SAF can cause? Rarely does the subject to camera distance remain fixed using a camera hand held and shooting live subjects, especially if both people are standing. Using a fast tele lens wide open for portraits needs CAF as much as doing a bird in flight would. Using something like a 85mm f1.8 wide open in SAF mode (or focus/recompose due to limited focus points) is asking for a low keeper rate. That was my experience anyway.

If there is focus lag and you are using focus release, it starts to feel like you are using a P&S again trying to capture the moment. Especially if the lens starts hunting in CAF mode.

In the future, this mirrorless technology is very likely to surpass an OVF camera's performance. I'm going to stick with the old school system until this happens. I would venture to guess this future performance increase will be with m4/3 type native glass, not with adapted 4/3 legacy lenses.

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I've always wanted to learn as much as possible about photography so I want you to please explain again your reasoning because it may benefit me if I'm missing something.  I shoot a lot with my E-5 and 35-100 and many shots are with a static subject I focus usually on the closest eye and in SAF even at 3 ft or 50 ft my subjects are  clear from front of nose and the blur starts to develop just in front  the shots are accurate with a beautiful bokeh background...Of course if you are shooting more then one subject usually the subjects are not perpendicular to the camera and you have to  stop down to increase DOF....

It looks like you are shooting with a 1.8 lens that has such a narrow DOF that when you focus on the front eye of the subject and if the subject moves mm's the nose may be in focus but not the eyes...No wonder (I guess) you are shooting in CAF...but why wouldn't you shoot lets say at 3.5 or 4.0 to get the total face clear which is usually done with SAF...

Your reasoning on the whole CAF when doing portraits wide open does not make sense to me so please if you could reiterate your last post...Thanks  John

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