Its official. Oly AF sucks!

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Re: But the AF doesn't suck ...

Great Bustard wrote:

John King wrote:

Gidday Geo

That's been my experience with all three of my E-series bodies.

The one qualification that I would make is that my E-1 and E-510 both give up about 1 to 2 stops before my E-30 does.

Using my E-30 with my walk around lens (14~54 MkII), I find that it will focus quickly andaccurately in almost no light at all. That's always assuming that I don't ask it to focus on a blank black wall in those lighting conditions. BTW, even in good light, trying to focus on a blank black wall doesn't usually work all that well either ...

It goes without saying, however, that you are an exceptional photographer that can do with his equipment what others can only dream of. For example, of the 50 / 2 macro, you said:

I have used the lens in appalling light, and it never missed focus once in some 60 shots. You do have to turn off FOCUS CONFIRM for single shots, which allows focus and re-compose. THEN use focus and re-compose.

Where it catches me out still is when the light is good and I am asking it to focus on something impossible ... my fault!

That's rather amazing skill, is it not? After all, have had radically different experiences. I think it's rather clear, then, that when Richard Butler says:

Having gone back and spent some more time with an Olympus E-5, I'm inclined to be more positive about the E-M1's behavior with Four Thirds lenses - not because it's better than I originally stated, but because the E-5 isn't as good as I'd previously thought. Consequently, E-5 users expectations are probably lower than I originally believed. It's also easy to under-appreciate the camera's performance with Four Thirds lenses because it's so fast when using Micro Four Thirds lenses.

it's because he simply does not have the mastery over the equipment that you, and, perhaps, a few select others, have, which is a clear example of people needing to better themselves and improve their technique before blaming the equipment.

It is always easiest to blame someone or something else, and photography is no different than life.  I do not have the mastery over the E-5 that many do, and must always remind myself that far more often than not, I am the shortcoming, not the camera nor lens.

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