Why the E-M1 is especially good for those who will never buy it.

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Why the E-M1 is especially good for those who will never buy it.

This is NOT the 213123512312eme thread to persuade you that the E-M1 is the next best thing after sliced bread

No, really. It is not. Read below.

Ok. Imagine you're this guy:

- You will never, ever, buy anything that has no OVF and that doesn't fit comfortably in your hand.

- You despise m43 for what it is: the little beancounter dream the put 4/3 on the side track.

- You feel personally betrayed by Olympus. You KNEW an E-7 was in the works.

- You never believed in Oly's promise for one beautiful system, as you already HAD the ONE beautiful system: 4/3 !!!

- Did I mention it - you will NEVER buy an m43 camera. By now, it's a matter of principle.

Ok. Now, let's look at that ugly little traitor, this subpar conception straight from h#ll: the E-M1. What is it ?

- It is a camera which does not interest you.

- It is a camera you will never buy.

So far - so good.

- It is a camera which can handle 4/3 lenses.

So what ?

- It is a camera which will be sold (probably) in huge quantities. Actually (and I am going on supposition here, so I might be wrong) - it might be that this gizmo ends up being the 4/3 camera ("4/3" in the sens of "accepting "4/3" lenses) sold in quantities larger than any other 4/3 camera/

- It is a camera whose technology is very likely to be seen in a quite close future on lower, less expensive m43 camera models. Which will make for more little gizmos out there able to handle 4/3 lenses.

- This is a camera which might (just might) influence Panasonic into working on PDAF systems for their cameras. Not that they care about 4/3 lenses, but they do care about correctly working continuous autofocus, which this technology helps achieve even with m43 lenses. And that's something Panasonic would be quite interested in.

But why should you care ?

I might be wrong here, but to me a market suddenly flooded with cameras who can handle 4/3 lenses is a market who can wake up old friends like Sigma. Remember them ? They added some quite needed salt and pepper to the 4/3 lens range. Then they stopped producing them because of the shrinking market.

Well, nowadays Sigma has a full generation of APS-C lenses who have never been declined in 4/3 mount. Think about the 18-35mm 1.8. Think about all the new stabilized telezoom which 4/3 never had the chance to see.

They have the lenses. They know the technology. They've done it before. How difficult would it be for them to decline them in 4/3 mount ?

It would be way easier than what they are currently doing - creating a completely new range of lenses for mirrorless cameras. And yet they're doing that.

Yes, it's maybe dreaming out loud. But this dream is closer than before the E-M1 was announced.

Dream mode off. Over and out

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