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Yehuda_ wrote:

Yehuda_ wrote:

Christian Grevstad wrote:

Interesting passage on the GX7 IBIS:

"If you mount any sort of non-stabilized lens on the GX7 then in-body stabilization does become available, and does a fine job. How fine? Well, in some comparisons with the Olympus OM-D I found them to be comparable, though maybe with a slight edge (about a half stop) to the OM-D. I caution that this is an empirical test, not a scientific one, but I tested enough lenses and did it enough times to be confident that this is the case, at least with the cameras that I was using. Not a bad showing for the new in-body system on the GX7."

Very encouraging.

Highly dubious.

With the EM5 I am able to reach a 100% success ratio of perfectly sharp images at pixel level for 1/2 second exposures @ focal lengths from 7.5mm (fisheye) up to 45mm (don't have a longer lens).

For 1 sec exposures I have a pretty high ratio of perfectly sharp images though not 100%. More like 50%.

Both cases handheld of course.

I doubt the GX7 can do better than 1/8 second exposures handheld for any given focal length.

You just doubt it - so that is a reason to believe it?

I based my results on real life use and gave a solid example.

Michael Reichman just mumbled about 'empirical results, not scientific' with no proof whatsoever.

By saying I doubt it I was being nice. Maybe I should have said I believe MR wrote complete nonsense about the ibis comparison.

I'm surprised you failed to understand my

Company 1 creates product A.
Company 2 creates products B and C and if you have both company 2 forces you to use product B. It stands to logic that that's because product C is worse and is an embarassing example to the company (2).

It is well established that product A is superior to product B. Very much superior.

I did a search and I wasn't able to find anything to support this.  The consensus I see generally is that the EM5 IBIS can produce a 2-3  stop advantage and Panasonic's OIS produces 2 stops advantage. But opinions appear to be that with longer focal length lenses the lens-based OIS works better.

Do you have links to any information that contradicts this?

Then someone says product C is almost as good as A. Nonsense!

The analgoies:

product A = 5 axis ibis (em5/ep5)
product B = optical is (panasonic lenses)
product C = ibis in gx7

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