Does this camera without the blingbling exist? Should it?

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Does this camera without the blingbling exist? Should it?

I really like my NEX 5R and want to upgrade to a viewfinder. The problem is that every camera I look at has loads and loads of (for me) worthless features.

I want a camera without all the PR tricks and the costs that come with it.

I don't want Auto modes smart modes auto+ smart modes..
I don't want loads of scenes.
I don't want loads of options for color and saturation etc..
I don't want loads of modes (night, portrait, action etc..)
I don't want loads of image quality option, fine, normal, jpeg, resolution, Just the full RAW
I don't want loads of Creative styles or Picture effects.
I don't want loads of Shoting tips or smile shutters or face registrations.
I don't want loads of settings that only work with jpeg that i dont use.

I don't want loads of wifi, facebook, nfc - Communication stuff. Do people really show of their ooc jpeg pictures? Why buy a camera if you want to do that, a cell would be fine during the day.

I don't even want  EV compensation.

I think you get my point

I could probably live without a jpeg (insert stupid name) engine since the only thing it's used for is to show a snap of the picture in the rare case I actually chimp. If it was removed completely the chip, code, algorithms - whatever, I can live with not being able to chimp 10% of my shots if that makes my camera more geared to just what I want and probably some 100$ cheaper.

I don't even want an autofocus, I enjoy using good manual glass with a real attention to quality, good dampened focus rings is an forgotten art of the 70-80s

Basically I want a small camera that takes stunning RAW's and lets me change a few basic settings like bracketing, focus peaking, maybe a zoom mode to help manual focusing for critical shots M & P.

Now I understand that this seems extreme for many here but I just don't use all these features nor do some of my frineds. Id rather have a good quality made camera with the best sensor possible. The rest I can do without any "help" from the camera.

Does anyone think there could be a market for a camera like this? Now I understand there probably never will be a camera like this, but it seems that with all this bling taken out you could slash the price in half and really sell a lot of them for the non jpeg (and possibly non autofocus) crowd.

Am I just crazy, being irritated of all the unnecessary stuff in modern cameras that never gets used, there has to be a huge development time and cost to construct and implement all these things.
I just want a simple camera without all the bells and whistles.. Would probably be the best bang for the buck for the next five years as well.

Have you ever met a pro or enthusiast that fiddles with the camera settings for a minute before he takes a shot or does he just expose correctly, frame it and take a raw?

Just so there are no misunderstandings, this post is not trying to bait anyone that shots jpeg or hates manual focus etc.. It's all perfectly fine and i'm sure it's useful and good for the majority of shooters - I also think a good chunk would appreciate a camera like this.
I just had this conversation with two friends that said they never touched all this either (except they where adamant about auto focus) and it got me thinking that many would probably like a camera like this?

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