E-5 in Antarctica

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Re: E-5 in Antarctica

Braxton7 wrote:

#4 with the whale is amazing. Is that as close as it looks? I'm not much for oceans but I would like to see one of those things up close someday.

It was something like 100m away, I guess. We actually had a Minke whale (smaller than this humpback) go directly under the zodiac, touching it. As a fellow photographer put it, "(expletive deleted) I never expected to need the wide angle!". I had my 12-60 attached to my spare E-3, but didn't quite get to it in time...

Other people on the same trip got very close to a sleeping humpback. And others still, kayaking, got close enough to be just a little worried. But the whales seem to be quite aware of us (really, I'm not anthropomorphizing, they really do appear to realize that there are some kind of strange creatures in these rubber rafts. Good thing for us they don't remember what such creatures did to their ancestors..) and move slowly in the vicinity of small craft.

Whatever, they're curious animals, so generally if you wait a bit they'll approach.

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