Blurry images. Need your advice.

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Re: Blurry images. Need your advice.

Hi Jim,

I advise you rent a Canon 6D+24-105mm L IS F4.  Test the focusing of the 6D. Central focus should be sharp in order for you to carry out the test.

Then  do some testing of your Pentax system against the Canon 6D. Using tripod, similar light conditions, locations, camera placement, subject placement.

In that way you can compared the results and see if you still have an issue with the focusing and probably you may identify where the problem is coming from.

There are three general sources of error: the user, the camera or the lens.

I find the images a little dull in terms of colors and image quality. Definitely some of them are badly blurred and it seems as bad focus.

The reason I recommend the 6D is because I find its focusing so accurate, fast and reliable (consistent all the times).

Also by using a 6D you can compare color performance, image quality, focusing (speed, accuracy, consistency).

One observation I can make is that you should invest in better equipment. As good as a K20d may had been in its days, there are better options these days, specially if you are making an income and building up a reputation based on your trade.

I remembered I asked the same question to Benjamin Kanarek.  If you can write off the cost of equipment from your business, you ought to buy best things that help you deliver quality and consistent results. It is your reputation and i assume your source of income at stake.

As professionals or serious amateurs I believe we ought it to ourselves: to try new equipment all the time, look at other options. Photography is not like a religion where once you adopt the faith you don't look elsewhere. On the contrary, it is about exploration, new possibilities as technology changes.

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