Photographer faces law suit

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Re: Photographer faces law suit

CliffB wrote:

Aberaeron wrote:

The obvious solution is to say 'I'm sorry, we're busy on those dates'. It also saves anybody's feelings being hurt, but most of all it avoids possible litigation. Unfortunately not everyone feels the need to be sensible and to avoid confrontation or litigation.

That is probably not practical, as a potential customer would likely ask about the availablity of a date before any other information was exchanged.

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I hear what you say but in all personal dealings it is wise to make some small-talk and establish the circumstances and personalities before agreeing to do business. It takes two to tango and there are all sorts of reasons on both sides that could have people searching for their excuses not to do business.

If however I had agreed to do a job, there would have to be a huge reason for me to let the customer down. If necessary I would sub the job, feigning illness on the day.

Plain stating that the refusal was down to sexual orientation on religious grounds would just not be polite or sensible. Especially since the clergy and organised religion worldwide seem to be in the absolute forefront of obnoxious sexual practices.

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