The Fly (Iridient Developer)

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The Fly (Iridient Developer)

I've been swaying back and forth about whether Iridient Developer produces better/sharper images than Lightroom (4.4) for a few months now. I had finally settled on "Lightroom works just fine for me with the right settings", but a recent re-testing of ID (2.2) has swayed me back to "Iridient definitely produces images with more fine detail and sharpness".

If you're a pixel-peeper, read on. If you're not, then this thread is not for you.

This weekend, I shot an image of a fly that just cried out for as much gory detail as possible. I'll spoil the surprise by stating that ID most definitely pulled out the most detail, even un-sharpened. The 2nd surprise is that the OOC JPEG is nearly as good! Not quite, but close. It is very similar to the sharpened LR file. Crazy.

I've seen enough RAW converter threads to know what people want to see. A RAW file imported with NO corrections, no sharpening, no noise reduction and no tweaks other than what can't be controlled during import. I am also making the RAF and OOC JPEG available for download here. Have fun testing with your favorite RAW software!

The fly image was shot with an X-E1 and 60mm Macro, handheld, 1/420 sec at f/2.4. ISO 200, EV 0. The OOC JPEG was saved with Color 0, Sharpness +1, Highlights -1, Shadow -1, NR -2.

My conclusion: ID is sharper and has more apparent detail upon import, with Sharpening and NR turned OFF. Lightroom import with sharpening and NR turned off looks like I missed focus!! With ID "LR Deconvolution" sharpening at .6 radius and 10 iterations, the image has noticeably more sharpness and fine detail than LR with 50/.8px/50 sharpening. Neither seem to have any halos or other artifacts. I have also concluded that the 60mm Macro is one wickedly sharp lens! Even wide open! Remember that this is a tiny crop from the center of the image.

I will definitely be purchasing ID to use when I want the most detail and sharpness from an image.

Note that the image is about a 1/2 stop dark. It was an overcast day and the meter was reading the grey stone. I should have used spot metering, but I wanted to get the shot before the fly flew! The images are all UNtouched, except for sharpening.


OOC JPEG for reference. Reduced to 1200x800px

100% Crop of OOC JPEG (Color 0, Sharpening +1, Highlights -1, Shadows -1, NR -2)

Grid of 100% crops with settings for each. Click for full size.

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