No electronic shutter on EM1?

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Vaughan Williams Contributing Member • Posts: 741
Re: No electronic shutter on EM1?

I'm trying to search to find this out, but can't find anything definitive on it.

Is it correct that the EM1 doesn't have a silent, shock free electronic shutter option ??

If not, anyone know why not ? (or for that matter, why the EM5 doesn't have it either, even though the GH3 with apparently the same sensor does ?)

There is no mention of it in the specs or the operating manual, so I think it's pretty safe to assume it doesn't have the extremely useful silent electronic shutter which the recent Panasonic bodies have.

Most of my subjects are fairly static (landscapes, flowers, insects) so my G5 is set to electronic shutter by default. It completely eliminates any chance of shutter shock. It's a mystery why one manufacturer can implement it and another cannot. Almost as big a mystery as the one that Olympus can implement auto iso in manual mode and Panasonic cannot (and that one could easily be implemented with a few lines of code).

One of these days either Panasonic or Olympic will produce my perfect m43 body, which could be done today by using some characteristics from Panasonic and some from Olympic, with the addition of a global shutter to give a fully functional electronic shutter.

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