40 MP Sensor and Lens - Which Way Does It Go?

Started Sep 15, 2013 | Discussions thread
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40 MP Sensor and Lens - Which Way Does It Go?

Many critics express an opinion that MP Ratings above 20MP are just silly and wasted effort.  Seems as though the reason cited is the inability of lenses to resolve light. Or some "Dinosaurs" are out there arguing about printers and monitors. Bet they are FAXing in their responses right now.

In my cock-eyed view of the world, ..., uhmmm, I view the lens as the source of the "continuous light" in the camera system and the sensor as the receiver of the light.  I therefor do not see any argument referring to lens limitations as being logical regarding sensor performance. No matter what light is available from the lens, I want my sensor to do the best job of receiving it and sending it to the processor.

Obviously I don't want a $million dollar sensor and a $2 dollar lens, but rather the best lens to go with the 40MP+ sensor, plus stellar processing, file storage, ..., etc.

Why is the "Lens Limitation Argument" relevant to the 40MP+ movement?

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