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Re: Thom Hogan: "Nikon is now officially a follower"

I tend to generally agree especially with the company's product strategy. The Nikon 1 is a product and marketing disaster. Many moons ago I sugegsted in these forums that Nikon and Fuji should get together to produce a digital Hexar (fixed and removeable lenses). Eventually it happened but by Fuji acting alone while Nikon produced the underwhelming and expensive 1 series. Then fans clamoured for long overdue D700 and D300 replacements... What we got was a 36mp camera (do most people seriously need this level of resolution?) even with and without thingies (D800e) and which of course cost a small fortune. We also got the D7100 which offers the right max mp but a class below the much loved D300 and more a refresh of the D7000 (which I had and hated). Then we got the D600 (again on these pages I reckoned an entry level FF was just a matter of time) which is well overpriced for a camera assembled in Thailand/China. Oh and of course a camera that was not without its QC problems.

Incidentally it's funny/strange and probably correct for Nikon to have produced a pro/top range camera (D4) with just 16mp...although Canon's equivalent 18mp would have been even better.

Canon too is not without its problems (i.e. mirrorless M) but generally provide Japanese made products (at middle to high level) that offer what the customer wants/needs at a fair price (for what one gets). The company is also ahead in the innovation stakes...Given the choice right now I would probably opt for a 70D rather than a D7100 and a 6D rather than a D600.

In short, Nikon has messed up badly and from the response to a potential D610 may mess up even more accodring to its D600 customers. back in 2008 I was Canon user and very happy. But I swapped my 1D MK II for a Mark III and Canon lost me. Luckily it was Nikon's best year with the release of the D3, D300 and eventually the wonderful D700. I moved over and was never happier. But what do I have today?

Nikon D3s, Canon 5D MK II, Fuji X20. The last 2 should have been Nikon models but for reasons above, are not. Hogan is right and Nikon is wrong. It's that simple.

Still 2008/2009 were vintage years for Nikon (don't forget the wonderful little D90 which is still sold today) but in product terms that was a long time ago.

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