Blurry images. Need your advice.

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Re: without exif it's difficult to help...(nt)

Well I disagree with most if the diagnosis here.

Though I do agree there is nothing wrong with the focus or sharpness.

I suspect your editor is complaining that nothing appears sharp due to your technique rather han nothing sharp the main fault is nothing is oof.

Three issues affect these images

1 to large DoF

2 field position

3 focal length inapproiate

@29mm and F8 your lens has the following properties

You have 17ft within the field of focus of that 80% will be behind the subject  at 10ft and  more than 90% @15ft

So if you subject was 10ft away your field of focus would start @6ft and extend to 23ft.

So because you have not used your knowledge of the focal length you end up with an image that looks unbalanced focus wise, You should have used the hyper-focal distance to balance the shot if the massive DoF was desirable.

What I'd recommend open the aperture to give a defined area of sharpness that you editor can then see your subjects are in the plane of focus and sharp compared to their surroundings and a much longer focal length to give better balance.

You are right you should consider different tools but it not the make that's the issue rather your selection that's at fault the 16-45 is not suitable for the type of shooting you used it for.

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