O.K. to take candid photos of kids you don't know?

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Yet another perspective

Another example just occurred to me which also shows the insanity of getting upset by someone taking photos in public:  it's the often-quoted fact that if one walks through central London (I can't recall the exact path), one's photograph will be taken by over 2,000 CCTV cameras.

Statistically, this puts a child in far more "peril" than does a random person in a park with a camera. Effectively over 2,000 potential pedophiles have access not only to this child's photo, but also photos of every single child that walks any of those streets, ever.

So why the outcry against a guy in the street pointing his camera, but not against every owner of every CCTV camera that faces the street taking photographs 24/7 without getting our permission?

Statistically, I'm sure at least one building owner/security guard/CCTV technician/monitoring staff member in London must have deviant tendencies.  In which case should we make CCTV illegal for the sole aim of "protecting the children"?

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