More street with the J1 + 10mm

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Re: More street with the J1 + 10mm

Seedeich wrote:

I’ve always been a fan of the zooms and the EVF of the V1.

When I picked up a cheap J1 with 10mm it was a bit like… can’t do much harm, let’s see what that thing can do.
I never thought, that it would expand my way of taking pictures as it actually does.

From a pretty controlled way of shooting with the V1 to a very fast and loose point and shoot style.
Sometimes I just have a vague idea about the framing simply because I can’t see much on the LCD. I use auto area AF and face recognition. The results surprise me.

Seedeich in Colour
Seedeich in Black & White

What surprised you about the results? The IQ? ...or just the way that you came away thinking about the lack of EVF.

I gotta tell you, these guys who are VF or nothing really remind me of old men, sitting there are not changing. Having closed minds in the backside of life. You have to grow, adapt and have an open mind. ...otherwise you're missing out on some really really cheap nice cameras.

Nice shots.

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