Blurry images. Need your advice.

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Re: without exif it's difficult to help...(nt)

This is probably very likely to help:


That last one doesn't look especially blurry to me (although I can't - for some reason - view the original). The original ones posted were soft around the faces, I thought - even seeing the low-res versions you posted.

Here are the questions I ask myself when I take a blurry shot (in no particular order)...

1. Was I actually focussed on the right place? Was autofocus picking a different spot than the actual subject of the picture? - it's usually this, in my experience

2. Does my lens/body combination back- or front-focus? (I think this happens much more rarely than discussion board lore would make you believe.) It's a variant on issue 1, really.

3. If on a tripod - did I have SR on by mistake? (not an issue here)

4. Long lens/camera shake? (not an issue here)

5. Too small an aperture (not an issue here)

6. Depth of Field / Field curvature ? (unlikely)

7. Was the subject moving? (unlikely)

8. Maybe she just has a blurry face? (see the youtube clip...)

So ... I lean towards 1 or 2.

If 1, it's nothing about lenses/cameras/manufacturers/fullframe. I mistrust AF.

If 2, then it's a lens vs body issue that could happen with any brand.

There's a few online tutorials to describe whether you're front/backfocussed... worth taking a look.

HTH, James

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