Unsharp canon G12

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Re: Unsharp canon G12: loose/misaligned lens

JaapDijks wrote:

Thanks for the answers.

I have also considered motion blur etc. but in my opinion this would not result in

the vertical way the main sharpness is lost.

(Lack of) DOF would result in a more horizontal planes of sharpness.

I think Devvy and eduT are right.

I have made two photos on a tripod to check these.

1 at f2.8 and one at f8. Both have the same problem, f2.8 much more pronounced than f8.

I cannot imagine this is the imagesharpness a G12 should have.

shot from a tripod at f2.8

Shot form tripod at f8

It's a shame since the camera was a replacement for a G11 i liked a lot.

I will try and get Canon to repair it. Except for this error i like the camera a lot.

Thanks for your comments.


Yes, now with these examples it is clear to see your G12 indeed is sharper in the centre.

Good luck with the repair.

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