O.K. to take candid photos of kids you don't know?

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Re: as a parent I would say "no", sorry

antoineb wrote:

I'm sure you do not mean any harm.

But unfortunately...nowadays no one feels too comfortable about having strangers take "candid" pictures of their kids. Even if the photographer means no harm, they may post some of these shots and the said shots might end up in the very wrong hands.

I appreciate everyone has their own way of trying to do things without upsetting anyone, and the need to be considerate of others' feelings, but I find statements like the above quite disturbing.

In the guise of concern, some very general assumptions are being made which don't stand up under scrutiny.

What exactly, for example, are "the very wrong hands"? It suggests that some possible damage could result from such photos being seen.

Let's say I took photos of kids playing soccer with their teammates. Or sitting at a bus stop. Or in the playground, or walking down the street, or wherever in public.

They're not shots of nudity, or of otherwise questionable content. They're everyday stuff that anyone can see almost anywhere.

Other than someone selling the shots and profiting off the kids' image, what damage exists?

No matter who sees these photos, what harm is done?

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