Thank God, I am still alive !

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Ben O Connor
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Let´s see now...

Hey Folks,

As you know my new (not so new really ) camera E-PM1 was with me in this weekend.. and during the week of course.

There are things that I loved, and there are things that I´ve already missed from my dear XZ-1. Lets begin with Bad news.

- Is should walk !!! No zoom on my 30mm F 2.8 sigma lenses.

-Can not get closer more than 20 cm to things... Its has no macro / supermacro kinda focus (well don´t laugh its my first interchagable lens ever!)

-Sometimes Its not focusing as I wished, It has its own "interchangable lens rules" that I have to adjust miself.

-I should not move, or the camera should not move on the time of "shooting" its not a DSLR... so, no suprises I guess..

Well on the Good News

- I got Crazy BOKEH (DOF) even with F2.8 lens ! (apart from some XZ-1 at some super macro situations) subject can be isolated better than P&S sensor could, even by a slower lens.

- Focusing is quick, which is good especiaslly on the video.

-VIDEO IS AMAZING compare to XZ-1... It can record ull HD but you really do not need to watch it on HD, its very visible and clear on normal mode as well..

- Menu is very usefull & clear. And its easy to reach art filters, you do not need to go art option... It can be change on sections like vivid-normal-muted-...etc and the filters. Which is very usefull.

-And it is so economical. Do not need to break a bank. Here it is with its 99 euro body only and affordable sigma lenses, I already bought it the smilar price back in 2010 the price of my XZ-1..

Anyway let the photos talk ! Here are the images



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