HEY OLYMPUS! I’m irritated as %@&#!!!

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Re: I'm happy.

3DrJ wrote:

Jeff Tokayer wrote:


I only wish Olympus updates their rebate program to include the HLD-6, instead the MMF-3 and FL-300, which I already own.

I wholeheartedly agree! It should be a campaign, don't need the other items, already have that stuff. The HLD-7 (I'm sure that's what you meant) is the accessory (out of the three) that "pro" photographers will covet.

Doubling battery power, extra buttons/dials, handling bigger lenses, AC->DC adapter are all key features, almost requirements, to be able to use the camera to its full potential. If that isn't what "pro" is about, what is?

Oly missed the boat on that one, even aside from "kit" availability.

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My nickel, since the penny is being discontinued...

$0.05? Or will we say here's my two nickel's worth? Inflation takes a toll...


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Artists must not only see, but see what they are seeing.

I think the UK rebate program does include the grip as an option.

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