HEY OLYMPUS! I’m irritated as %@&#!!!

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Re: HEY OLYMPUS! I’m irritated as %@&#!!!

Banger wrote:

I see you live in Wellington, I'm on the Kapiti Coast so not far away. I am surprised by your comment re Olympus warranty in NZ because I purchased most of my 4/3 and some of my u4/3 stuff overseas (mostly Canada & Korea) and all of it came with a worldwide warranty.

However, the only time I needed warranty service in NZ was on the original 14-45mm 4/3 kit lens that needed focus adjustments. My more recent purchase was the 60mm f2.8 which I got from a CHCH retailer and I notice it also has a WW warranty.

I'm reasonably sure that if you do buy overseas you won't have a problem if you need service in NZ, which incidently is very good.

Rgds, Rob

That's good to know. My main system is Nikon and they offer 12 months warranty on lenses which is worldwide and 12 months on bodies, which is not. Same with Canon here I think.

Meanwhile in the USA, Nikon offer 5 year warranties on the same kit for less money....!

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