O.K. to take candid photos of kids you don't know?

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Re: From personal experience it's not worth the hassle

dholl wrote:

imagine what it's doing to the kids? They're being led to believe that every adult stranger is a potential threat, and one that smiles or takes photos is a possible serious threat.

What kind of adults will these kids grow into? Certainly not very trusting ones. Their parents (and the mass-media) are actually creating the society they fear.

The phrase: you reap what you sow was never more appropriate...

Great comment.  This is exactly what the mindless "believe the media without thinking" parents are creating, completely oblivious.

I wonder what will happen as the societies of these pedophile-paranoiac western countries reap the rewards of their idiocy.

Of course in many (perhaps even most?) countries nothing like this occurs. India, Thailand, Japan (just to name a few I've visited where kids and adults alike love having photos taken) - will they provide a sane balance?

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