Its official. Oly AF sucks!

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Re: not sure this is true

rovingtim wrote:

windsprite wrote:

I do think what you say about the MP count "masking" bad focus is a possibility.

When the E1 first came out, this forum was populated by some very experienced photographers. None seemed to have significant AF issues. It wasn't as good at the D2H but when the E1 did lock it tended to be bang on.

I'm not sure I disagree with you.  I deleted part of my post to Dan because it was getting long winded, but what I was saying was that I only had the E-1 for six months before selling it, because I bought it as an "upgrade" to the E-500 and actually found the C-AF a lot worse for very speedy subjects, even with the battery grip, BUT I thought the focus was pretty accurate on stationary subjects.

I really just don't know what to think about those old cameras anymore, though.  The other thing I deleted from my post to Dan was that once the E-3 trouble started, I looked back on my E-500 images and found that a lot of those were OOF as well.  (I'm talking only about stationary subjects.)  At the time I didn't notice, because the errors mostly occurred several meters away from the camera, where the DOF was already fairly deep.  With the E-3, the errors started from around three or four feet, and they were much more severe, so it was immediately obvious that there was a problem.   It was especially hard to forgive in the E-3, because there was the lowly E-510 I had bought four months earlier, with the same MP count, a weaker AA filter, and a consumer AF module, going bang-bang-bang with perfect focus nearly every time.

For example, the E1 + 50-200 used to put the subject in the middle of the focus range. My E3 tends to put the subject on the edge of focus. So, technically, it is in focus, but the DoF immediately drops off one side or the other. This can cause all sorts of problems.

Perhaps I had a good E1 like Dobson has a good E3 -- though I wonder if his works because Portugal temperature is just right for the E3 focus module.

What I remember at the launch of the E3 is a lot of very competent photographers who were upgrading the E1 getting really frustrated. And regardless of 5mp or 10mp, you can tell where the middle of the DoF is -- if not on all pictures, you can certainly test for it.

I agree you can usually tell, but it's like I said above -- it's not as easy to distinguish if the errors occur farther from the camera, and I think the older cams were more subtle with the errors, while the E-3 went totally over the top when it was bad!

Now that I've moved out of a cramped apartment into a big house, I'm re-examining my E-500 photos with the intent of printing them larger, and I'm noticing that some of my faves are front focused.  They will print OK with some selective sharpening and blurring, but it's a bit of a shock, because I always thought I was pretty picky about focus.

I started a thread about the joys of the E3 SAF some time ago.

What do you know, an AF thread that I missed!   Thanks, I will go take a look at that.


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