O.K. to take candid photos of kids you don't know?

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Re: O.K. to take candid photos of kids you don't know?

CharlesB58 wrote:

I know modern society is strange but can anybody actually explain to me why wanting to take pictures of children doing children things in a state of fully dressed has anything to do with pedophilia.

If you want to take candid pictures of me or my family in a public place you are more than welcome. It's the people who say otherwise who IMO are the weirdos.

Because pedophiles stalk children....

Think about it. If a pedophile wants to see children, he can go to any shopping mall, high street, park or station and stand there all day watching kids.

Or he could wander down to any beach or swimming pool and see children in various states of undress.

But why go to so much trouble? He can turn on the TV at any time of the day and see children on Sesame Street or any of hundreds of other children's TV programs. Or watch McDonalds commercials.

Or he could go down to the video shop, rent ET or whatever other DVD has child actors.

But what I would bet my house on, is that he definitely is NOT going to go trawling the internet trying to hack my Facebook account password in order to find a photo of my kid playing soccer with his friends.

Kids appear everywhere in the real world and in the media. Unless you ban cameras completely anywhere other than remote nature spots and professional studio shoots, a pedophile can take photos of kids anywhere. Children are part of our society, you can't hide them away.

The idea that we need to ban certain kinds of photography in public places seems to be completely missing the point to me. As I've explained, there are far too many images of children available everywhere for banning photography to make the slightest bit of difference.

The issue here is how to deal with the sickening perversion of pedophiles. Cutting off one tiny source of imagery makes no difference at all to the actual problem.  However by trying to enforce it, turns every single other male into a suspected pedophile (and treated accordingly) and denies them the freedom to take a photo in public place. Is that really a good outcome for society in any way at all?

To put the "problem" into a different perspective, look at it this way: given that the percentage of pedophiles in our population is an extremely small minority, that means...horror!! The rest of the male population are looking at adults! And on that basis, everybody should be scared, everywhere, all the time, whenever they see a camera because the evil man might be taking photos of YOU for his own self-pleasure.

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