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I don’t expect Olympus to read this and react, but I think it will help me feel better to vent. I am extremely irritated that Olympus is not offering the E-M1 & 12-40 2.8 as a kit in the USA. To my UK and European friends, please don’t misread me. This isn’t a nationalist thing, like I’m jealous that YOU people are getting something we’re not. And it isn’t entirely the cost-savings aspect that bothers me, although that is a factor.

Perhaps this helps: the combination here costs about 2300 EUR, which is 3050 USD.


It looks like Amazon DE has the kit for 2200 EUR, but that also includes VAT, which is not included in our prices. A bit of apples and oranges. Drop off the VAT and the price is much closer to $2340, which it much better than the price seperately.

Amercan prices are before VAT? I know there are taxes varying from town to town, but does this also apply to amazon.us?

Yes, the prices are always indicated before VAT or any sale taxes. Those sale taxes varies from state to state. You can get it reimbursed at the airport when you leave a state, but once I was caught because I didn't have a direct flight and asked the reimbursement at the wrong airport and state.

Amazon untill recently was only taking taxes from the clients living in the same state. Aka any person buying online could avoid paying any sale taxes provided they were not living in the same state as the online dealer. But that is about to change, or has already changed.

When a foreigner buys from B&H or Amazon, he pays no sale taxes. Not sure whether that has changed with the new way online dealers are treated.

Look here for more info (scroll down to see how much taxes have to be paid in different states and cities)


I'm not arguing that you have better pricing in the EU, just that it is calculated differently, and that the kit will entice more buyers.

Plus, wouldn't you EU buyers like a US kit to buy when you visit?

Isn't that difficult, if you have no address in the US? I should think that brick and mortar shops don't have the best prices. And If that works, I think warranty might be a problem.

I got my 1,7/20 in San Francisco, but this was sort of an emergancy: my daughter had started using the back up body during the holiday and left me without a standard FL lens. And I was lucky, there were no problems with that lens yet.


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