HEY OLYMPUS! I’m irritated as %@&#!!!

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As I said, it's the TIMING that causes me irritation, not the cost. Because they are not offered together, I will have to wait longer than I should to buy them together. If you are waiting for a kit to be in stock, you're waiting for ONE stocked item. If you are waiting for the camera and lens, packaged separately, you are waiting for TWO separate items to be in stock at the same time. As stock levels are very low at the store where I do business, that could potentially cause a problem. If I want both together in a timely fashion, my best course of action is to buy them online. Thus, Olympus is making life harder on retailers like my local camera store. I hope this consequence is unintended.

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Sounds like you're a bit irritated because of something slightly different to the kit, or at least in addition: that the trend is away (for better and worse) from local retailers. I'm in the opposite boat. I wish there were more online retailers where I shop (HK). I like trying in store, but the retailers in HK are sharks.

Buying non mainstream stuff is always harder. Life used to be easy when I just had canon gear...

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