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Re: My E1, E3 OM-D pricing experiences...

erichK wrote:


As I recall, when I bought the E-1 in Feb 2004, the camera had been around for about 4 months or so.

In early 2004, there was a "special offer" whereby purchasing the E-1 body for $1500, one could get the 14-54mm for a discounted $500 or so, "for a limited time". And that's what I did, and I think the store was Pro Photo Supply.

BTW I still have both E-1 and 14-54mm. I hope the latter will work with the E-M1. If it's at least as good as the E-1 (not the greatest challenge I presume), I'd be happy about it.

This little bit of history suggests a "kit" offer will likely be forthcoming early next year. It may sooner, need to keep an ear to the ground to catch the opportunity.


I waited nine months longer and got the same E-1/14-54 kit for about $15OO or possibly 1599US along with the silly little FL20 flash, from ePhotocraft in Wash DC, and was thereby able to add the 50-200 and the 50 macro for a little more than that price again.

I was also able to buy the E-3/12-60 kit for $2300 0r 2400 by waiting a couple of months, shopping a bit just catching a Christmas Special in the last days of 2007.

Although I did buy the OM-D/12-50 pretty soon after its release, the poor US kit possibilities (which generally prevail for Canada as well) are making me hesitate to buy it. I probably do want to get the 12-40 lens with it, but there is no way I will pay $2400 for the combination.

I remember how it went with the E-1.  The price did go down pretty quickly.  However I never regretted getting it when I did, since the E-1 was a joy to use (despite its limitations), and with it I made a number of memorable, once-in-a-lifetime images.

The situation today is entirely different.  The E-M1 already has a following I'd guess 4 orders of magnitude greater than the E-1 ever had.  The E-M5 set the trend.  Interestingly, what I paid for the E-M5 body more than a year ago is still the selling price today.  And that includes the big internet retailers like B&H, etc.

Given the huge way the E-M1 has burst on the scene, chances are there won't be much, if any, price change for quite a long time.  We might see transient (and small) discounts here and there, but a year from now, price of the E-M1 will be essentially unchanged.


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